Sebastian resident publishes a poem about ocean pollution

Julia Collia
Julia Collia

A woman in Sebastian has written a poem about the pollution in our oceans. She has also been following the recyclable guidelines in Indian River County.

Julia Collia, a local poet, is trying a new approach to use her writing to raise awareness of the environment. She even thought about setting up a non-profit environmental awareness booth.

Here’s the poem:

You Know, Plastic.
What of the turtle,
you know,
the one with a plastic nose?
What of the seagull,
you know,
the one with plastic toes?
You’ve heard of the crab,
the one with a plastic house.
What about the fish,
you know,
the ones with the metal mouths?
Or what of the sharks,
you know,
with only one fin?
You’ve heard about the oysters,
stripped naked and thrown back in.
Have you listened to the dolphins,
you know,
the pods with fishing line necks?
Who will save our starving manatees,
you know,
the ones made
your nets?
You’ve heard of the sandy floor,
coral of petroleum and debris.
Who will clean our oceans,
you know,
when we can no longer breathe?

Julia Collia 2/12/22

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