Facebook Ad Targeting Scam: Don’t fall victim to ads that look too good to be true

Facebook Ad Targeting Scam
Facebook Ad Targeting Scam

On Friday, we received a mystery package from China. Of course, we had to open it and report what the mystery items were inside.

We were expecting a package from an order we placed from a Facebook ad. It was a great deal, 5 Dooney and Bourke totes for $24.99 each. That should have been my first warning sign.

We received five handmade face masks individually packaged. I was sad they were from China because they were pretty cool. However, I wasn’t about to take any chances. So, I put them straight in the trash can.

Then, I realized what was going on. The mystery package was supposed to be my Dooney & Bourke Totes. Boy, was I dupped. The company name I was scammed by is Elizabethdola. I’m sure there are more than just one business name.

After researching, I found out that people in China are pulling a Facebook Ad Targeting Scam. What they do is see which items you have recently been searching, and then they have those brands of items pop-up on your timeline at a price you can not resist.

Elizabethdola on Facebook market place.
Elizabethdola on Facebook market place.

Just went into the Marketplace on Facebook, and guess which sponsored ad popped up! Yup, you guessed it, Elizabethdola. Not sure why Facebook hasn’t caught onto this scam.

I’m putting this information out there, so other people do not fall victim. I thought I was pretty savvy about not falling victim to scams. However, this is a whole new world we live in today, and scammers are getting a lot more creative.

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