Crab E Bill’s ‘GoFundMe’ for funeral and medical bills

Crab E Bill
Crab E Bill

The family of Crab E Bill has created a GoFundMe page to help pay for funeral services. Please donate and help the family pay for funeral and medical expenses.

William Ralph Tiedge, better known as Crab E Bill of Crab E Bill’s Indian River Seafood Market and Crab E Bill’s Eatery, passed away Saturday September 21st at 10:30pm. Surrounded by family, friends and his beloved dog Olive.

Crab E suffered from End Stage Liver Failure and moved into his daughter Melissa’s house a month before and placed on Hospice care. He still kept his incredible spirit and sense of humor until his last moments.

During his last moments here on Earth surrounded by his favorite girls, he was repositioned for comfort. Suzy leaned forward to give him a kiss, he puckered up and kissed her three times, then looked up and off into the ceiling he smiled and passed. There is NO denying he passed peacefully and possibly seeing his amazing parents Hannah and William and some of his beloved friends in Heaven greeting him with opened and loving arms.

Crab E Bill was born in Brooklyn 10/31/1957 (yes Halloween!) His parents Hannah and William Tiedge were both handicapped. Hannah suffered from cerebral palsy and William from Muscular Dystrophy. Despite how truly amazing his parents were, Bill endured a very rough childhood having to defend his parents from ridicule from other kids. Bill didn’t only defend his parents, he also started defending the kids in school that the Bullys would pick on. As tough as Bill was throughout his life, he had a heart the size of an elephant. But he would not take anyone’s crap. And he didn’t stand for the less fortunate or disabled to be picked on.

They say cats have 9 lives. I wonder what Crabs have? Bill has survived in so many incidents. He was stabbed, shot, electrocuted, survived Cancer, broke his neck, and then Liver failure which ended up winning that battle. Although throughout those times he may have been weak, discouraged and questioning life, he NEVER gave up. He was a FIGHTER (in more ways then one haha). He was a soldier. “He kicked butt and took names.” And whenever he was around “There was a new Sheriff in town.”

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Bill had a true passion for Meat and Seafood. One of his very first jobs was at Joe’s Stone Crab in South Beach Miami from there he moved on to the wonderful Italian Market of Lorenzo’s in North Miami Beach. His skills grew and grew and he ended up running the South East Coast meat, seafood and poultry departments for Whole Foods Market but that wasn’t enough! Bill wanted to own his own seafood market. And eventually Crab E Bill’s Indian River seafood market was born! Soon after, the Eatery opened in the back of the shop right on the Riverfront! Bill loved teaching his employees and customers about all the different types if wonderful seafood items he provided. “Quality doesn’t cost.. it pays!”

He collected a wonderful group of local fishermen and crabbers to supply his business. He was devoted in keeping he product FRESH and LOCAL. And you could taste it in every bite! He got his name Crab E Bill because when no one else could, he would be able to find stone crabs for his customers. He would always say” My name is Crab E Bill but I’m not Crabby!” He always was a character! And he was loved by many.
Crab E loved his family more than anything. His kids loved him dearly and made him some beautiful grand-babies which he completely cherished!! You all have probably heard plenty of stories about his grandchildren. He was so proud of them all.

In this time of mourning and remembrance of Bill we are asking those that knew him, loved him or those who he has made a difference in their lives to make a donation of any amount to help with medical Bill’s, help with his upcoming celebration of life which we are planning for Halloween Thursday October 31st, his birthday and also to help leave something for his kids and grandchildren.

The family understands that times are rough for many of us these days. Any amount will make a difference and the family will greatly appreciate it! Look for more information on his memorial celebration to be announced as well as the Crab E Bill’s email! God Bless and “Have a Crab E Day!”.

Melissa Tiedge

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