Highlights of Fish Joyce’s Dock in Vero Beach

SEBASTIAN – People from Sebastian, Vero Beach, Ft. Pierce, Melbourne, and other cities showed up for the Fish Joyce’s Dock event Saturday.

The event was created on a Facebook page after a homeowner sprayed a fisherman with a hose and said she owned the water at her dock.

While it wasn’t the 900 people or so expected to show up at Joyce’s dock, many people did. We counted between 50 to 60 boats at one time. Many of them came and left.

We met a guy floating on an air mattress with a large hat, fishing rod, and a drink right in front of Joyce’s dock.

“I didn’t think this thing through,” Joe Schoettle told Sebastian Daily. Schoettle wasn’t sure how he was going to get home. He also had an anchor tied to the mattress.

There was no sign of Joyce anywhere as law enforcement patrolled the waters and the sat idle in front of her house on A1A.

Andy Hodges reporting from Joyce's Dock in Vero Beach.
Andy Hodges reporting from Joyce’s Dock in Vero Beach.

Most of the fishermen we interviewed said they had problems with dock owners. Some of them allege that homeowners have sprayed them with water or threw other objects at them for being their dock.

Most boaters brought their children and dogs as they cast fishing lines into the water. It was a very peaceful protest, something that many of the fishermen say they needed for a long time.

We had a chance to meet a lot of great people today and everything went well without incident.

Check out the video (see video above) of the highlights today.

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