Frigate’s Waterfront Bar & Grill coming to Sebastian, but where?

Concrete platform next to Squidlips in Sebastian, Florida.
Concrete platform next to Squidlips in Sebastian, Florida.

We can usually dispel rumors about new businesses or store chains coming to Sebastian, but we’re having a problem with this one.

We heard from a few people that Frigate’s Waterfront Bar & Grill might be coming to our area. But the bigger question is where would the bar and restaurant be located?

One rumor is that the company was going to build next to Outriggers Bar & Grill in Micco. Then we heard it would be next to Squid Lips Overwater Bar & Grill, where a concrete platform has been sitting for decades.

The concrete platform will soon become a bar and restaurant. We know that for sure. Construction on the concrete platform will resume shortly after a few delays. 

We contacted Frigate’s Waterfront Bar & Grill in Melbourne, and one of its employees acknowledged that they were putting one in Sebastian, but they were unaware of the location. We also reached out to management, but we didn’t receive a callback.

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So, we reached out to Squid Lips for comment. We informed them that we know Frigate’s was coming to Sebastian, and now there’s a rumor of it being built on the concrete platform. 

“There are a number of rumors going around, and we are not going to spend time responding to rumors. At the appropriate time, we will announce what will be happening with that building,” Squid Lips spokesman Buz Underill told Sebastian Daily.

The only thing we can do right now is wait and see where Frigates Waterfront Bar & Grill will be in Sebastian. If I had to guess, the concrete platform next to Squid Lips is a great location.

Frigate’s is usually near waterfront marinas, and Squid Lips has one. Either way, it’s only a rumor right now, and we know for sure there’s going to be a bar & restaurant there. But we yet to know the name.

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