Riverside Theatre Unveils Chicago Musical In Vero Beach

Chicago Broadway musical at Riverside Theatre in Vero Beach.
Chicago Broadway musical at Riverside Theatre in Vero Beach. (Photo: Riverside Theatre)

VERO BEACH, Florida – The Riverside Theatre in Vero Beach announces Chicago, the award-winning Broadway musical that earned seven Tony Awards. The show runs from Jan. 3rd to 22nd.

“As you know we opened Chicago on opening and is was a resounding success,” said Oscar Sales Jr., marketing director for Riverside Theatre. “It’s a fun, sexy show with incredible song and dance numbers. Our hopes are that the audiences are entertained and engaged. We air to lift your spirits, and in this case, let hearts sing!”

The show is set in the Prohibition-era in the city of Chicago and follows a chorus girl named Roxie Hart and her murder of a faithless lover.

Hart convinces her husband Amos to take the rap, but he turns against her after finding out the truth. Roxie and Velma Kelly are eventually convicted and sent to death row.

This stunning Broadway musical follows the characters who are in search of the “American Dream” leading to fame, fortune, and their acquittal.

The Chicago Broadway Musical will “razzle dazzle” you.

For more information, visit the Riverside Theatre or call 772-231-6990.

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