Sebastian Golf Restaurant and Lounge Closes

Sebastian Golf Restaurant and Lounge closes after the owner allegedly didn't pay the rent during the six months it was opened.
Sebastian Golf Restaurant and Lounge closes after the owner allegedly didn't pay the rent during the six months it was opened.

SEBASTIAN, Florida – The Sebastian Golf Restaurant and Lounge closed after being opened for six months.

The restaurant was opened by Wesley Campbell, who also owns Mo-Bay Grill in Sebastian. According to one of the last city council meetings, Campbell wasn’t paying the rent for the restaurant on the golf course.

Campbell also allegedly purchased assets such as kitchen equipment and transferred some of those assets to the City of Sebastian when he didn’t pay the rent. Campbell also tried to renegotiate the rent, from $3,500 per month to $1,000 per month.

On Saturday, Campbell shut down the restaurant and moved out of the building.

While the grand opening was a success for the establishment, Campbell allegedly faced scrutiny by several patrons over the prices in the menu. While the menu did try to cater to the golf course, many patrons complained that it was too expensive. Some golfers wanted a cheaper snack bar and deli sandwiches.

Some golfers allegedly entered the restaurant to tally up their scores but were asked to leave if they weren’t dining.

Other patrons went for the prime rib dinner and said they only offered one side for $27 per person. However, they did offer Happy Hour from 2 – 5 p.m.

The menu did offer “Senior Specials” and “Veteran’s Specials” that started at $10.99 per person. Breakfast items were cheaper.

Last August, the City Council selected Mo-Bay Grill for the Sebastian Golf Restaurant. It opened approximately six months ago.

Prior to Campbell taking over the restaurant, it was called the Eagle’s Nest. It first opened in 1990. The renters renewed their lease twice for 10 years in 1997.

The city council will discuss the restaurant at one of its upcoming meetings. We’ll be there to report what will happen to the establishment.

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