Letters to the Editor: Why a MAGA boat parade? Foul language on political signs, and COVID deaths

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

These are the Letters to the Editor for Monday, September 20, 2021.

Why a MAGA boat parade?

Why do you put up a boat parade when this is trouble in our county Election is over and not Trump.

That is really bad for Sebastian Daily. Most people want to fight on here over this. I don’t care which party; keep trouble down. Thanks.

Pauline Cooper

Foul language political signs

It makes me sick seeing foul language political signs put up by my neighbor. What about children walking by! Don’t people have any morals?! 

Something needs to be done in Sebastian. They should be told to take them down or get fined. This used to be a nice town, not anymore! 

Cindy Bo

COVID-19 Deaths

I listen to so many people saying that everyone needs to be vaccinated in order to prevent the spread of this virus that is constantly spreading. But it is a known fact that even though you are vaccinated, you still can catch and spread the virus to others.

People are acting like this is a miracle drug. Wake up people!! The vaccination is doing nothing to stop the spread nor the deaths that are taking place on a daily.

So many people that are fully vaccinated are dying on a daily, just like unvaccinated people.

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People are saying that everyone in ICU is unvaccinated and dying. I can confirm this is not true. I have spoken to ICU nurses that I either know personally or whom was taking care of family members, and I have had several tell me that more than half of the people on ventilators due to Covid are in fact fully vaccinated.

I have had family members and/or close friends who are fully vaccinated and still passed away.

This virus does not care if you are vaccinated or not vaccinated. What it comes down to in order to fight this virus is a healthy immune system!! I heard doctors tell patients, “you have an underlying medical condition, the vaccine will not help you.”

So let’s force everyone to get vaccines that will only minimize your symptoms (because you can still catch and spread the virus), and this is only IF you are a healthy individual.

If you have underlying medical conditions, it won’t help you, and if you aren’t sure if you have underlying medical conditions, you will soon find out if you get the vaccine, and then it really won’t do anything for you anyways.

And you have to get boosters every year cause one dose isn’t going to be enough.

The last time I checked, this was still the land of the free where you can make your own choices and not be punished for those choices you make. If someone does not want to get vaccinated, that is their choice and you are not God so therefore, you have no right to judge them.

Erica Kirkland

(Editors note: According to Cleveland Clinic Indian River County, nearly ALL COVID deaths are from unvaccinated patients.)