Letters to the Editor in Sebastian for July 20, 2020

Letters to the Editor in Sebastian, Florida.
Letters to the Editor in Sebastian, Florida.

This letter is in response to accusations on the part of the county’s vote to not mandate mask usage.

If citizens actually watched the county meetings online, you would know that the county can only make the decision for UNINCORPORATED Indian River County. What does that include? Only Wabasso, Roseland, Vero Lake Estates, Nevins, Oslo and Gifford. All are only residential areas (or nearly so.) It is up to the cities to enforce the mask mandate in incorporated IRC.

Do you not think that we should have at least some responsibility in this? Do you have to be told by the government to wear a mask? Obviously, many are not listening. Businesses are attempting to step up and doing their part and, in many cases throughout the country, the employees are being abused for it.

Do you honestly think that those people are actually going to say, “Oh, the county government says I have to wear one, so I will”? The protesters that were standing outside the county office with signs demanding that it should be a choice and not a mandate should answer that question for you.

Happy 2B Blue

I read the county board voted against a mask mandate. They think wearing one is a good idea, but don’t think the government should mandate it.

So, should we just do away with stop signs, speed limits, and traffic lights? Safe driving saves lives, but by their logic, the government should not mandate it.

Diana Agnoli

We should all learn a lesson from our past. It’s not who spends the most on ads or billboards this election season.

Let’s all take the time and research who the best candidates are for all positions open.

Sebastian seems to be learning a costly lesson with the recently elected officials. I just hope that we as residents of IRC pay better attention to who’s running.

Thank you,

Glenn Erlacher
Indian River County

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