Letters to the Editor in Sebastian for July 15, 2020

Letters to the Editor in Sebastian, Florida.
Letters to the Editor in Sebastian, Florida.

The Indian River County Commission is going to be responsible for killing the citizens of Indian River County! The non-mandatory face mask vote was reckless and irresponsible!

HELL has been set loose here in South FL and IRC will be next unless leadership wakes up and takes responsible scientific driven actions! Your small handful of hospitals and front line heroes will become overwhelmed, some heroes will die, PPE will run out, hospital beds will be unavailable, physicians will be forced to make horrible decisions about life and death as resources disappear in front of their eyes, the snow birds will not return, the economy will be severely damaged and… it will be the Commission’s fault!!!

I ask you and the remaining Commissioners to reconsider the reckless decision made regarding masks and make masks mandatory! Have you learned nothing about covid 19 over the past months?

Marlene Shore
Vero Beach

Since this is such a divisive time when it comes to wearing a mask or not wearing a mask, my question is how safe is a face shield. You can see out of them, breathe better, harder to touch your face, and your glasses don’t fog up.

I use both depending on what store I’m going in. Some accept the shield and considerate it a mask others do not; it’s very confusing. And yet I see numerous people with a face mask only covering their mouth, which basically defeats the whole purpose, and they’re also constantly touching their face adjusting the mask.

I have seen the elderly in wheelchairs trying to grocery shop with a mask hanging around their mouth and chin. For all the information I have found, some government reports I have read say a mask offers 50% protection and others I’ve read have said that a face shield offers up to 96% protection. If people who don’t want to wear a mask, which means 100% transmission if they are symptomatic or pre-symptomatic, would wear a face shield, that might be an option that needs to be looked at into. I mean 100% of nothing is still 100%, but if it even was 50% that is so much better than 100%.

If wearing a face shield is a viable option to get more people to wear one to help stop the spread, then I wish it was stated as a viable option so that people have a choice. From what I’ve read the mask stops someone from giving the virus to somebody else, but the face shield stops the virus from getting into my body.

Children are supposedly going back to school they cough they sneeze, a face mask is not going to help the teacher, so maybe a face shield same would be better even for school bus drivers. Another report that I found said that one state is testing different face shields to hand them out to the teachers and the kids as a better solution to a mask.

I have also heard that New York considers face shields as a viable alternative to face masks. I would rather see somebody wearing a face shield that may not be as effective as a face mask, but again something is better than nothing. Other countries are also starting to change from masks to shields.

I just think if you can dig into this a little bit and this was an alternative choice, then it certainly might help because the Florida outbreak is so bad.

Thank you for your time,

Linda Harter

I want to thank the Sebastian Police Department for leading the parade on July 12, 2020 at 11:00am for my aunt, Norma Howerton of Sebastian, after she completed her chemotherapy regimen. This was her second round, and was much harder, while also keeping in strict isolation from COVID.

She has been crying with joy most of the day, and was so appreciative of everyone’s efforts. No parade starts any better than when the police lead it.

Thank you so much for your assistance and for everything you all do, we have such a wonderful police force here in Sebastian.


David Terry

How can no Name Name Bar say they serve food? It’s cooked on either a hot plate/electric frying pan, or a small deep fryer.

There is no kitchen. How has the health department NOT closed them down? Who is Damien Gilliams paying off to let this continue?

Also the amount of liquor going out has to be greater than the food consumption. Wake up authorities and SHUT IT DOWN!

Karen K. (this person did not provide their last name)

I respect and value the Sebastian Daily Covid updates. However, I’m disappointed when I read that the increase in positive cases is the result of increased testing.

I know you included that this came from the Health Department. But you had a responsibility to point out the falseness of that.

Simple math could have refuted this Health Department’s claim. If you don’t counter the claim, your readers will be unlikely to practice the additional caution that is required at this point.


Tom Roughton

Could you do some in-depth reporting on the Sebastian River Medical Center?

No one knows what’s going on there. Who runs the place? Do they have a patient advocate? Or a list of hospital officers and administrators? Is there a contact list to report situations – good or bad? Do they have a department directory with a list of participating physicians?

I tried to find this on their website, but I only found a press release listing one name. It seems that the Stewart Family Hospitals are run from Massachusetts.

Who in Florida monitors what goes on there? Why do they always have a low score for health services? This is important stuff for folks in Sebastian and the local area to know.

Thank you,

Georgene Granholm
Barefoot Bay

I have been here for 20 years. My neighbor built a house next door on a mountain of dirt and now I have a lake with ducks swimming in my backyard.

The new house has no standing water in their yard, so me and the neighbor behind me are now stuck with disgusting water that’s standing because the City of Sebastian decided new homes are more important.

Standing water
Standing water

Connie Morgan

You should be ashamed for encouraging people to report violators of ridiculous face mask and arbitrary bar/restaurant/business regulations.

This is the same government that locks the families up and lets the criminals go free because of Wuhan flu. They didn’t get elected to do any of this.

It’s embarrassing that we have some Karens in this nice quiet town. They need hobbies or a life of some sort.

Did you ever hear of minding your own business?

Try reading Market Ticker by Dennjnger for some virus information and possible illumination.

Sandra Rea

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