Letters to the Editor for June 21, 2020

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

Letters to the Editor in Sebastian, Florida. June 21, 2020.

Local Politics

How can the people of Sebastian expect its local politics to be legal, ethical and moral, when the federal government sets an example of keeping secrets from us, spends money and will not tell us who received it??

Bypasses the proper channels to do whatever they want! Hire and fire anyone that does not agree with them! Hires their kids for positions that they have no experience with for 6 figure incomes, etc, etc, etc..

So, how can we expect any better from Damien Gilliams and Pamela Parris Charged With Sunshine Law Violations, Perjury? This is not about democrat or republicans, it is about serving the people! Representing us! Not their personal agendas!

Larry Hyman

Crab Stop

Look at Crab Stop.

Pretty soon we won’t have any good places to eat and feel safe in šŸ™

Barb Balloon

You talk like a Republican

Enjoy your news updates, but when you talk about the virus you kind of sugar coat it.

You talk like a Republican when it comes to the virus. Telling everyone that it’s ok people are still getting sick in such. High numbers.

Overall, great program, but let’s be a little more honest to the people who watch you.

Mike McDonough

Fair news reporting

I enjoy reading your news emails and your videos, very informing. Usually, they are factual and unbiased as far as I can tell.

However, when you disseminate dramatic headlines such as “Florida covid 19 cases soar to new record” without qualification to show that increased testing has contributed significantly to this number as well as any deaths due to circumstances not attributed to covid 19 infection being reported as covid 19 related because the individual tested positive for covid 19.

This type of reporting while gaining new subscribers puts significant fear to many who don’t understand all the issues. Lets not be branded as “fake news.”

Just keep up the good job.

George Kovachi

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