DEA “One Pill Can Kill” Campaign: Criminal Drug Networks Are Flooding the U.S. with Deadly Fentanyl

One Pill Can Kill
One Pill Can Kill

The Drug Enforcement Administration created a “One Pill Can Kill” campaign to warn Americans about the drastic increase in the lethality and availability of fake prescription pills containing fentanyl and methamphetamine.

The campaign is being used to educate the public about the dangers of counterfeit pills and to urge all Americans to only take medications prescribed by a medical professional and dispensed by a licensed pharmacist.

They even created a digital social media campaign to encourage social media users to help raise awareness of the significant nationwide surge in counterfeit pills. 

Criminal drug networks are mass producing these drugs that often contain fentanyl or methamphetamine, and they are killing unsuspecting Americans at an unprecedented rate.

Please help the DEA increase awareness of the dangers of counterfeit pills by sharing this article and creating your own social media posts with this “One Pill Can Kill” video.

For more information about how to tell if your medication is legit or counterfeit, visit the United States Drug Enforcement Administration website.

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