Vero Beach Woman Arrested After Urinating In Neighbor’s Yard

Tammy Roseman of Vero Beach has been arrested 63 times in Indian River County.
Tammy Roseman of Vero Beach has been arrested 63 times in Indian River County.

VERO BEACH – A 46-year-old woman, who’s been arrested 63 times in Indian River County, is behind bars again after urinating in a homeowner’s yard while moving her waist around and yelling “fu** you, you nig*** bit**,” according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Tammy Ann Roseman, of Vero Beach, appeared highly intoxicated, having red bloodshot eyes, a red flushed face, very slurred speech and a strong odor of alcoholic emitting from her breath when deputies approached her.

“As I spoke with the defendant, the victim walked over to me and stated the defendant urinated in her yard in front of her children,” the deputy said.

The victim said she and her children were outside when Roseman walked into her yard, pulled down her shorts, and started urinating.

Roseman was told to stop about five or six times before she quit urinating. Then, after she stopped she stood up, turned towards the victim and her two children (a 6-year-old and 11-year-old), and began to touch her privates while moving her waist around while yelling “fu** you, you nig*** bit*h!”

Another witness told the deputy the lady was “peeing in our yard and touched herself while shaking her body.”

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The victim further stated that Roseman is always walking down the road drunk and acting strangely. She is very concerned for her children.

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Roseman was arrested for Disorderly Intoxication and Exposure of Sexual Organs and transported to the Indian River County Jail.

A judge has since sentenced Roseman to 60 days in the county jail.

Last March, Roseman was arrested after she was found drinking behind a daycare facility in Fellsmere.

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