Stem Cell Therapy Heals Decorated Combat Officer

Former Marine combat officer says new stem cell therapy in Vero Beach has healed him.
Former Marine combat officer says new stem cell therapy in Vero Beach has healed him.

VERO BEACH – Fred Galvin, a retired Marine who served as an enlisted Marine and as an officer, says a new stem cell therapy has healed his body.

When Fred Galvin sustained many injuries while serving in the Marines, he sought out the best medical treatments.

He found the Regenerative Biologics Institute in Vero Beach that was offering a cutting-edge stem cell therapy called RegenMax Injection Therapy.

“The RegenMax non-invasive stem cell therapy allowed me to return to the pain-free and active lifestyle that I enjoyed,” said Galvin. “Being a Marine for nearly 27 years in very demanding combat operations took a toll on my body, leaving my back and knees nearly destroyed. Before the treatment, I was not able to stand for more than a few minutes due to the pain I would start to get. Since the stem cell treatment, I feel phenomenal with much less pain and my range of motion has also improved. The best part about it is that it’s my own body healing itself and it doesn’t involve synthetic drugs or surgery. I recommend it for others who face pain and limited mobility due to injuries or arthritis.”

RegenMax is a composition of super concentrated stem cells, platelets and bioactive growth factors. This powerful regenerative cocktail is isolated from a patient’s own body in a non-surgical outpatient procedure so patients have minimal recovery time.

Galvin has an extensive military career that includes commanding Force Reconnaissance Marines in Africa, Asia, Iraq, the Persian Gulf and commanding a Marine Special Operations Task Force in Afghanistan.

Galvin’s military background includes over 26 years as a United States Marine, 10 years commanding Marine units, 6 overseas deployments on Navy ships, and 5 combat deployments with zero soldiers Killed In Action under his command.

He now operates the Go Commando Show and seeks to empower his audience to improve health and leadership through unconventional methods.

Unlike amniotic, umbilical or placenta type products, RegenMax Injection Therapy contains living, highly functional stem cells so it maximizes the opportunity for tissue regeneration offering benefit to combat soldiers that have been injured by high-impact explosions and other activities during war.

This treatment has been used to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries and degenerative arthritis in wounded soldiers, active seniors and athletes who might otherwise face invasive surgeries with long recovery times, chronic pain and a diminished quality of life.

“It is our organizational philosophy to seek progressive cutting-edge therapies in regenerative medicine. It is our distinct honor to use these therapies to help heal those who have sacrificed themselves in service to our country,” said Dr. Brett Haake, RBI’s Medical Director.

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