Junior League of Indian River Woman of the Year

Junior League of Indian River Woman of the Year nominations.
Junior League of Indian River Woman of the Year nominations. (Photo by Phil Reid Photography)

SEBASTIAN – The Junior League of Indian River Woman of the Year celebrates the accomplishments of women in Indian River County. These women are nominated by their peers as those who demonstrate high ethical standards personally, is a recognized role model, has a strong sense of community responsibility and is outstanding in her contributions within Indian River County.

The Business Professionals include Renee Boesch, Karen Franke, Michelle D. Napier, Laura Laporte, and Christina Klingler.

“I was so honored for being recognized by the Women’s Junior League of Indian River as a Woman of the Year nominee. I am so blessed to be a part of this beautiful community we live in. Thank you, ladies, for such a beautiful day,” Laura Lathero LaPorte stated.

The Civic/Non-Profit Professionals consist of Kendra Cope, Jenny Davis, Allison D. Falana, Dr. Katie Nall, Jacque Petrone, and Jerusha Stewart.

“What is extra crazy about this nomination is that my acceptance to vet school in Gainsville was not accepted because I did not show enough nonprofit community well roundedness… lol. I guess it was because I was saving up for the rest of my life! Very grateful to be nominated xoxo thank you Allyson Bootes for the push-shove lol,” Jacque Petrone stated.

The Volunteer nominees include Dr. Fran Adams, Brenda Bradley, Marybeth Cunningham, Cathy Durrett-Filusch and Mori Serpa.

The Rising Stars consist of Katie Alerte, Grace Dooley, Isabel Ernst, Katie Toperzer, and Elizabeth Zoltak.

In the featured phone above (Photo by Phil Reid Photography) are the following people:

Standing, L to R: Karen Franke, Katie Toperzer, Mori Serpa, Allison Falana, Dr. Fran Adams, Dr. Katie Nall, Brenda Bradley, Cathy Durrett-Filusch, Jerusha Stewart, Terri Bell, Kendra Cope, Renee Boesch, and Isabel Ernst.

Seated, L to R: Christina Klingler, Jacque Petrone, Michelle Napier, Laura Laporte, Katie Alerte, Elizabeth Zoltak, Grace Dooley, and Marybeth Cunningham.

Not pictured: Jenny Davis.

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