Skydive Sebastian: Naked Skydivers Break SANSFormation Skydiving Florida Record

Skydive Sebastian
Skydive Sebastian (Credit: James Foran)

On New Year’s Eve, 22 skydivers from around the United States came together to break the SANSFormation Skydiving Florida Record. They were successful in completing a 15-way, breaking the 10-way record.

Fun jumper Emmy Em traveled from Philadelphia, Pa., to participate in breaking the record; it was also her birthday.

“It is very hard to fly without clothes because it takes away your drag on the air and power of your moves,” Emmy Em told Sebastian Daily.

You may remember Emmy from another Sebastian Daily article. On December 28, 2020, around 12:30 pm, Emmy was attempting her 406th jump from Skydive Sebastian when she had an issue and had to do a cutaway. She asked the community for help finding her parachute, and it was eventually found and returned to her. 

Skydive Sebastian (Credit: Children of the Sky)

What is a SANSFormation?

A SANSFormation is when a group of naked skydivers get together in freefall. They are not slot-specific. However, each diver must be a SANS member. 

Specifics of a SANSFormation – 

  • All jumpers must be a SANS member, either at the time of the record or retroactively.
  •  All jumps must be in accordance with the national equivalent for a non-USA record or USPA BSR’s.
  • Everyone must be naked – neck to knees, wrist to wrist.

The participants who were officially certified for the Florida 15-way at Skydive Sebastian were: 1483 Em, 1333 Collins, 1592 Nelson, 1595 Anderson, 1641 Spielmaker, 1667 Coleman, 1707 Phillips, 1709 Pursley, 1710 Thomson, 1711 Morgan, 1712 Mooers, 1713 Day, 1714 Galusha, 1715 DeRosa, and 1726 Jumper.

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