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Sebastian Verizon Store Brings New Jobs and Technology

Verizon store opens in Sebastian, Florida.
Verizon store opens in Sebastian, Florida.

Cellular Sales, one of the country’s largest Verizon Wireless retailers, announces their expansion in Florida with a new store in Sebastian. The store, located at 1676 US Highway 1 across from Tire Kingdom, plans to welcome its first customers on May 22nd, 2020, focusing on curbside services amidst the coronavirus pandemic. This is Cellular Sales’ first store in Sebastian.

“We’re glad to be able to help customers in the Sebastian community,” said Cellular Sales regional director Jeff Curry. “Connection is more important now than ever, so we’re working hard to keep our community in touch with one another and connected to their loved ones.”

Customers can not only find all the latest smartphones, tablets, and accessories at the new Sebastian store, but they can also pay their bill, service their accounts, ask questions about their device, and learn more about new services like 5G.

“Helping our customers find the right technology for their needs is the whole reason we’re here,” said Cellular Sales regional director Chris Keen. “We aren’t just here to sell you a product – we’re here to find the device that’s best for you and your lifestyle.”

Cellular Sales plans to open more stores across the nation to better serve its customers and keep them connected. Due to their dedicated approach to customer service, Cellular Sales has grown significantly over the past 27 years with no signs of stopping. It has been named to Inc. Magazine’s 5000 list of the fastest growing companies nine times, achieving Hall of Fame status.

“Our growth as a company is really about our hard-working employees and making sure our customers are taken care of,” said Cellular Sales regional director Jeff Curry. Our employees are passionate about finding the best possible solutions to our customers’ needs, and that keeps our customers coming back.”

The new Sebastian store currently employs several team members, but looks to add more as the store continues to grow over the next year. Those interested in working in the fast-paced, dynamically changing wireless industry can apply at this Cellular Sales location by contacting Cellular Sales recruiter Christine Bonfante at (407) 790-4937 or Christine.Bonfante@cellularsales.com.

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