Sebastian drops the price of gas by 10 cents

Gas prices drop 10 cents in Sebastian, Florida.
Gas prices drop 10 cents in Sebastian, Florida.

SEBASTIAN – There’s been a big controversy on why the gas stations in Sebastian are charging upwards of 40 to 50 cents more per gallon than Palm Bay. Today, the gas stations in our area dropped the price by 10 cents.

We started this topic a couple of weeks ago after following the gas prices for approximately three weeks. During those three weeks, the cost of gas in Micco, Grant, and Vero Beach was about 30 cents less per gallon than in Sebastian.

Then, within 48 hours after we broke the story, the gas stations in Micco, Grant, and Vero Beach mysteriously increased their prices to match the lowest price for fuel in Sebastian.

Meanwhile, Palm Bay remained the cheapest at about $2.19 at the RaceTrac on Malabar Road. There are other gas stations in Palm Bay offering $2.13 (Cumberland Farms) and $2.15 (BJ’s and 7-Eleven). You can fill up at BJ’s in Palm Bay (with your card) at $2.05 a gallon!

The lowest price for gas in Sebastian at this time is Mobil on U.S. Highway 1, Speedway on U.S. Highway 1, and Walmart for $2.49 a gallon. That’s about 36 cents more per gallon. The Sunoco gas station on CR-512 is $2.69, making it 56 cents more per gallon than Palm Bay.

If you’re near I-95 in Sebastian, you can save more money by heading to the next exit north (Malabar Road) and fueling up there. You’ll save a lot of money in Palm Bay when you fuel up on an empty tank.

So why are gas prices high in Sebastian?

It’s still a mystery, and no one has the answer. We have asked gas stations, local politicians, and a state inspector. The general answer is that these higher prices in Sebastian are set by the “market” and that’s the set price.

Sebastian residents are paying more than the national average, and more than the Florida average.

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