Indian River County Commissioners Move Forward with the Redistricting Process

Indian River County Commissioners
Indian River County Commissioners

The Indian River County Commissioners are in the early stages of their redistricting process. Every ten years, the county must do redistricting based on the prior year’s census results. 

Redistricting at the county and school board level is not that difficult; it’s the congressional and state level where things get more complex.

“On the county and school board level, I think we do a pretty good job. I like the use of natural boundaries and roads. It keeps it simple,” stated Commissioner Joe Earman of District 3.  

The county’s next step in the redistricting process is to develop conceptual maps with the help of Supervisor of Elections Leslie Swan. 

“This redistricting process is based on census information. We’ve received preliminary census information that kind of gives us the overall umbrella look of the county. We’re still waiting on specific drill-down information to come to us from them, which some of this redistricting will be based upon,” stated Commissioner Susan Adams of District 1.

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Sebastian City Manager Paul Carlisle and City Attorney Manny Annon offered their support to the County Commission during the redistricting process.

“We’re really looking forward to working with you on this,” said Carlisle. “We did a great drive to get the residents to fill out their census blocks so we would have good data. We support this criteria, and we look forward to making this redistricting a success.”

Also present were Sebastian Mayor Ed Dodd and Sebastian Councilman Fred Jones.

A second public hearing will be held in October, and the final redistricting plan should be adopted on Tuesday, December 7, 2021. 

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