Recent Restaurant Health Inspections in Sebastian, Florida

Sebastian restaurant inspections
Sebastian restaurant inspections

Overall, the restaurants in Sebastian are doing quite well by promoting food safety and sanitation. While some restaurants may have several “basic” violations, we look at the more serious ones labeled as “high priority” violations. 

If a restaurant gets shut down by the health inspector, we report it immediately to inform the public. Luckily, no restaurant in Sebastian has faced that in a long time. 


Wendy’s had a great health inspection. The fast-food restaurant, located on U.S. Highway 1 in Sebastian, had raw chicken next to an open bag of Freda cheese fries. The inspector said it was corrected on-site by moving the chicken to a different location.

Domino’s Pizza

The pizza restaurant, located on Sebastian Boulevard, had a door with a small hole in it. Inspectors don’t like door problems because they can let in insects and mice. Other than that, they did great.

Subway in Micco

Subway, located in the Winn-Dixie shopping center in Micco, had a temperature control violation. For safety, cold food is supposed to be held at 41 degrees. Instead, they had sliced turkey, ham, chicken, and tuna salad held at 47 degrees. But it’s because the unit was just turned on and hadn’t cooled yet to 41 degrees. 

“Operator had recently turned cooling unit on. They turn off unit at night and put items in walk-in cooler. All temperatures in walk-in cooler were good. Suggest rapid chill to get items back to temperature,” the inspector wrote.

Mo Bay Grill

Mo Bay Grill did very well during their inspection. They had a couple of basic violations for things like not having paper towels next to a handwashing sink. 

Best Restaurants in Sebastian

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