3 Sebastian Restaurants Cited During Health Inspection

Recent health inspections at various restaurants in April so far in Sebastian, Florida.
Recent health inspections at various restaurants in April so far in Sebastian, Florida.

SEBASTIAN – There were several restaurants in Sebastian inspected this month by the health department with some serious violations.

However, all restaurants have improved since Sebastian Daily began reporting on public health inspections. All Sebastian restaurants eventually passed their checks with the inspector and were never closed or shut down.

Vittorios Pizzeria III & Restaurant – 19 Violations

Vittorios Pizzeria III & Restaurant, located on 9615 U.S. Highway 1, next to the Publix Shopping Center near Barber Street, received 19 violations on Monday, April 8, 2019. Two of them were High Priority Violations. The inspector found potential cross-contamination by the pizza cook in an area during food preparation.

“Designated employee eating/drinking/smoking area located in a food preparation or other restricted area causing possible cross-contamination,” the inspector wrote. The other problem had to do with employees not washing their hands.

“Employee failed to wash hands before changing gloves and/or putting on gloves to work with food,” the inspector wrote.

An employee didn’t have a hair restraint while engaging in food preparation, and there was grease on the ground near the receptacle. A microwave was soiled with encrusted food debris, and mushrooms were not washed before preparation.

No. 1 China – 14 Violations

No. 1 China, located at 738 South Fleming St, next to Strike Zone, received 14 violations. Four were High Priority Violations.

The inspector found an accumulation of food debris residue on a handwash sink and door handles of the restaurant. One employee wasn’t wearing a hair restraint while engaging in food preparation.

The cookline cooler had standing water at the bottom, and the walk-in cooler shelves had rust “that has pitted the surface,” the inspector wrote. This was a repeated violation, according to the report.

There was stored food not covered in the walk-in cooler, and for some reason, there was a container of “vitamins” stored with food in the cooler. There was also raw animal food stored over cooked food.

Burger King on US1 in Sebastian – 11 Violations

Burger King in south Sebastian on US1 had 11 violations. Four of them were High Priority. The restaurant had food debris and dust on the ceiling above the front counter registers. An employee had a cell phone laying on wraps in a food preparation area.

“Interior of oven has heavy accumulation of black substance,” the inspector wrote. The substance could be grease or food debris. Also, the Burger King restaurant had to throw out tomatoes because they exceeded a 4-hour limit.

Sebastian Daily has updated its restaurant inspections list sorted by the number of violations.

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