Vero Beach Vandalism May Point To IRC Survey Workers

Residents in Vero Beach report multiple cases of criminal mischief.
Residents in Vero Beach report multiple cases of criminal mischief. (Photo: FILE)

VERO BEACH, Florida – For the past two weeks, there have been a string of criminal mischief complaints in Vero Beach involving paint.

The Indian River Sheriff’s Office have investigated each complaint with similar words spray painted on driveways, vehicles, and mailboxes.

One of the first reported vandalisms occurred on 33rd Avenue when a resident found the words “you’re gay” and “HI” spray painted on his driveway. There was also vandalism done to his car with a painted penis in pink.

Deputies also found a pink swastika painted on the neighbor’s mailbox. Walking further down the street, deputies found more paint with the word “fag” and “LOL” with a smiley face painted on a mailbox. But this time the color of paint used was green.

Another home had the word “LOVE” painted on a tree in the front yard. Deputies continued to find more residents with a pink “penis” written on driveways and vehicles.

Deputies drove around the area and found another home with “LOVE JESUS” written in blue spray paint.

A day later, another complaint was made about criminal mischief on 24th Place. The graffiti used was also the same colors and drawings.

Soon after, a resident on 25th Street complained about the word “HI” written on her vehicle in pink paint. The front hood had the word “Fu**” with a swastika and Jewish Star (also known as the Star of David which commonly appears on the Israeli flag). There was again, a pink penis on the vehicle.

Deputies noticed that there was blue paint involved. All previous complaints had green and pink paint. On a wooden fence behind the vehicle was a swastika, and the words “Merry Fu** Nig****” written next to it.

But then deputies might have found their first break in the case. Another resident on 34th Court called to complain about the same criminal mischief with blue paint. The words “Love Jesus” was written on her driveway.

The resident said that surveyors working for Indian River County used the same color blue spray paint that appeared on her driveway. She showed deputies the area where surveyors spray painted, and it was, in fact, the same color.

A house down the street had green spray paint on its driveway. The resident said that surveyors that day were using green paint.

No one is suggesting that a land surveyor committed this criminal mischief, but there is a link. It may be kids who got the paint from a surveyor. We don’t believe that a surveying crew is responsible for the vandalism or graffiti.

If you know anything about these crimes, please contact the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office. You can remain anonymous by contacting Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers at 1-800-273-TIPS (8477).

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