Hate Crime Targets LGBT Community In Vero Beach

Lori Varjabedian Collins and Mandee J. Kulscar
Lori Varjabedian Collins and Mandee J. Kulscar

Lori Varjabedian Collins and Mandee J. Kulscar woke up Saturday morning and were shocked to discover a note on their car in Vero Beach.

The note read: “Trump Won. Poor dikes. Time to go.”

The couple’s neighbor also had a similar note on their doorstep, suggesting the LGBT community is being targeted.

Collins said the couple has lived in the same house on 27th Street for 18 months. Their neighbors are very friendly, and they have never had any trouble with them.

“This makes me so very sad; I didn’t see this coming. I’m a little scared, hoping this is just a bad joke,” Collins said.

Kulscar, who is also very concerned, tried to find some humor about the note. “I thought about putting a sign out front that says, ‘You spelled Dyke wrong.'”

“We live in a free country and have the right to love whom we want. All this hate needs to stop,” said Rose Stutzman. “Grow up and realize love is love no matter what your gender is.”

Stutzman said that the incident happening in her city is scary.

“This happened to two of my good friends, and they’re amazing women. They’re the type of women that give back to the community and always lend a helping hand to those in need. To see them being disrespected breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes,” Stutzman added.

Some people in the LGBT community feel “almost sick” because the note looks like it was done in a child’s handwriting. Others say the incident hits too close to home.

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