‘Get Out’ Movie At AMC 24, Majestic 11 In Vero Beach

Vero Beach and Sebastian residents can see Get Out at the AMC Indian River 24 and Majestic 11.
Vero Beach and Sebastian residents can see Get Out at the AMC Indian River 24 and Majestic 11.

VERO BEACH – Get ready for a thriller as “Get Out” keeps people on the edge of their seats. The movie is now playing at AMC Indian River 24 at the mall and Majestic 11 in Vero Beach.

This film is a horror comedy about a black man trying to survive his first weekend with his white girlfriend’s family. It starts out rather slow, but it builds up for something shocking during the movie.

Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and Rose (Allison Williams have been dating for a few months and feel it’s time to meet the parents. But, Rose hasn’t told her parents that her boyfriend is black.

Chris, feeling uncomfortable, suggests that she might want to give them a heads up. However, she insists that she’s from a family of good liberals and doesn’t care about the color of skin.

As they leave for the trip to meet Rose’s parents, a lot of things begin to happen. Their car slams into a deer and a police officer who arrives at the scene is giving Chris a difficult time. “Get Out” features a lot of racial tension.

Rose’s parents seem normal, but something doesn’t sit right with Chris. He feels like an elephant in the room, and he gets creeped out by the hostile groundskeeper (Marcus Henderson). There is a maid that appears too happy to be there, making this very uncomfortable for Chris.

Some of the scary moments seem funny, but others might be horrified. Either way, “Get Out” is highly recommended. This film will entertain and move you.

Most audiences gave it a 100% score. Critics gave it 89%. Go see it.

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