Black Moon Friday Night Event Welcomes Halloween

Black Moon Friday Night
Black Moon Friday Night (Photo: CBS News)

A Black Moon will rise Friday night, bringing ghostly superstitions before Halloween. This event coincides with the second new moon of the month.

The ‘black moon’ is a new addition to the other moon types, including blood moons, blue moons, and supermoons. The new event occurs once every 19 years when February skips a full moon.

The most common definition is the second new moon in a calendar month, often falling in September, becoming entirely invisible at night in the Western Hemisphere.

A full moon typically occurs when it’s illuminated by the Sun during an orbital position of the Earth at a certain time of the month.

But a new moon happens when its side is lit up by the Sun facing away from the Earth.

A blue moon is when there’s a second full moon in a single month, but a black moon is the flip side of a blue moon.

There’s usually one full moon and one new moon during a calendar month, but sometimes a lunar cycle doesn’t sync, and that’s when you get several or none during a specified month.

Watch for the upcoming black moon tonight at 8:11 p.m. Eastern Time. It will cover North and South America.

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