Will Indian River County Close Schools On Election Day?

Many schools across the nation are closing on Election Day.
Many schools across the nation are closing on Election Day.

SEBASTIAN, Florida – Several schools across the country have decided to close on Election Day over fears of possible violence from the rhetoric that consumed the campaign trail.

At this time, all schools in Indian River County will remain open.

In other parts of the country, classes have been canceled on Election Day at schools in Illinois, Maine, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and elsewhere.

Ed Tolan, a police chief in Maine, said his community in Falmouth has already called off classes on Nov. 8 and increased police presence.

It’s been a very ugly election season that could escalate into confrontations and even violence in school hallways. The schools aren’t taking any chances, so they are protecting students by canceling all classes.

Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, has talked about a “rigged election” that has increased anxieties across the nation. Many people are very concerned about the possibility of violence on Election Day.

“There is a concern, just like at a concert, sporting event or other public gathering, that we didn’t have 15 or 20 years ago. What if someone walks in a polling location with a backpack bomb or something?” said Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, co-chairman of the National Association of Secretaries of State election committee. “If that happens at a school, then that’s certainly concerning.”

Parents are pressuring many schools to close on Election Day, while others are asking for voting to be moved elsewhere.

However, that isn’t the case in Indian River County.

At least for now, the School District of Indian River will keep schools open in the county.

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