Tropical Storm Irma Develops, Sebastian & Vero Beach Outlook

It's still too early to know if Tropical Storm Irma will be any threat to Sebastian or Vero Beach.
It's still too early to know if Tropical Storm Irma will be any threat to Sebastian or Vero Beach. (Photo: NOAA)

SEBASTIAN, Florida – Weather advisories on Tropical Storm Irma are expected today, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Tropical Storm Irma has become the ninth named storm of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, and although it appears to be moving towards Sebastian and Vero Beach, it’s still too early to know what it will do.

Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center told Sebastian Daily they are confident the storm will be come more organized, giving it a 100 percent chance of development today.

Irma is located west of the Carbo Verde Islands and has been organizing steadily this week. The system was previously designated Invest 93L.

“The system is forecast to gradually intensify and move west-northwestward to westward at about 15 mph,” the National Hurricane Center stated.

Forecasters say that while Irma could form into a powerful storm as it moves towards the Americas, it will take about a week for the system to make its trek westward across the Atlantic Ocean.

As of this morning, it’s too early to tell if Tropical Storm Irma will be a threat to Sebastian and Vero Beach because the direction could change during the next two days.

There are also typical errors in the 7-day track forecast when the storm is well over 500 miles.

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