Spirit of Sebastian Developers Set to Deliver Site Plan

Planning & Zoning to receive site plan from Spirit of Sebastian developers.
Planning & Zoning to receive site plan from Spirit of Sebastian developers.

SEBASTIAN, Florida – The Planning & Zoning Commission is expected to receive the site plan for the Spirit of Sebastian within two weeks.

Spirit of Sebastian could bring 500 to 700 homes on a 182-acre property that was recently annexed into the City of Sebastian.

The number of homes being constructed would be during a 10-year period.

The annexing drew criticism from local residents who are afraid the growth may prompt an increase of traffic to the city.

Last March, Mayor Jim Hill said that if the property wasn’t annexed, the county could approve 1,100 homes instead of the proposed 500 to 700.

Hill also said the developer is paying for all the roads, county water & sewage, and the city would generate revenue through fees and taxes.

Before its annexation, the property would have permitted five homes per acre, which has been reduced to 3.2 homes per acre.

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Chuck Mechling, agent for Ridgewood Sebastian LLC, said he and his team are reviewing the traffic and transportation patterns in Sebastian.

Mechling also said that local roads, drainage, and the environment would have necessary improvements as they submit the site plan for Spirit of Sebastian.

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