Sebastian Weatherman ‘Jolly’ for Rain, Hopes it Floods

Sebastian and Vero Beach can expect more rain this week.
Sebastian and Vero Beach can expect more rain this week. (Photo: Andy Hodges)

SEBASTIAN, Florida – Sebastian and Vero Beach are experiencing showers and thunderstorms Sunday and more rain in the forecast for Tuesday.

Our Sebastian weatherman, who now lives in a tent after someone stole his van and set it on fire, says there’s more rain coming this week.

“I hope we get so much rain that it floods,” he said. “We have five weather disturbances in the Atlantic. I’m feeling jolly about this weather.”

This rain ruined plans for many, from golfing to boating, and it may continue this week.

We have another tropical wave that could become a weak tropical storm, and a lot of rain may come with it.

There’s only a 20 percent chance of rain for Monday, but expect rain for the rest of week.

The rain chance increases Tuesday through Saturday.

None of the weather disturbances in the Atlantic pose a serious threat to our area. But, it will bring a lot of rain.

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Andy Hodges began his career in the field of radio and TV broadcasting where he worked for about a decade. The Jupiter, Florida resident then pursued computers as they were coming to market in the late 1980's. Andy has owned a computer business, been a software programmer, and has worked as a Senior Systems Analyst/Engineer in the Information Technology sector in Atlanta. He eventually returned to Florida and made Sebastian his home in 2002.