Sebastian Walmart Update On Bomb Threat

Police evacuate the Walmart store in Sebastian. (Photo: Frank Dellatore)
Police evacuate the Walmart store in Sebastian. (Photo: Frank Dellatore)

SEBASTIAN, Florida – Last night, the Sebastian Police Department responded to a bomb threat at the Walmart store.

As previously reported by Sebastian Daily, who provided live coverage by one of the witnesses, the incident was described as a hostile situation as police evacuated the store.

Walmart employees were sent to the Medical Center and customers were asked to leave their shopping carts and vacate the property.

Commander John Blackledge, a spokesman for the Sebastian Police Department, tells us that a string of events took place prior to the store’s evacuation.

“Best we understand is that the call was made to Vero (PD or Walmart; don’t know which). We were informed that the call came from the relative of an employee, who stated he was going to blow up Walmart where he or she worked,” Blackledge told Sebastian Daily.

“The determination was made that it was the Sebastian Walmart. The Sebastian Walmart Manager made the decision to evacuate,” Blackledge added.

Soon after, whoever made the determination about the “employee” working at the Sebastian store was apparently mistaken, and they found out the employee worked at the Port St. Lucie Walmart.

“Sebastian Police officers decided to check the property since it had already been evacuated,” said Blackledge.

Police found no bomb and the store was reopened earlier this morning.

Unfortunately, some people thought this incident was an “April Fool’s Day” joke since it happened on April 1st. We can confirm that it wasn’t a joke.

Photo by: Frank Dellatore

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