SeaWorld Penguin Wetsuit Helps Regulate Body Temperature

SeaWorld penguin wetsuit unveiled in Orlando.
SeaWorld penguin wetsuit unveiled in Orlando.

ORLANDO, Florida – A SeaWorld penguin wetsuit will help one Wonder Twin that suffers from bald spots to make it impossible for regulate her body temperature. It’s an early Christmas gift for this Adelie penguin.

It all started when her caregivers got together with SeaWorld’s wardrobe department and came up with the wetsuit as a solution to her feather loss.

SeaWorld Orlando patrons can now visit Wonder Twin in the Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin exhibit and see her in her penguin wetsuit.

Wonder Twin can do everything she would normally do in her wetsuit, eat, sleep, swim, and play. It hasn’t slowed her down or impaired in any way.

Penguins in the wild can also suffer from feather loss, says SeaWorld staff. New England Aquarium senior penguin aquarist, Dyan deNapoli, backs up those finding.

Over the years, he has cared for and raised hundreds of birds. He claims penguins, lose their feathers at some point in their lives, just like other birds, it is called their molting cycle.

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