Palm Bay Residents Find Tires Slashed In Neighborhood

Palm Bay residents woke up to tires slashed on their vehicles.
Palm Bay residents woke up to tires slashed on their vehicles.

PALM BAY, Florida – A Palm Bay neighborhood woke up to vandalism this morning after the tires on their vehicles were slashed, leaving residents with hundreds of dollars in repair bills before Christmas.

Palm Bay police are trying to determine if the tire slashings could be linked to several home burglaries in the area.

Police are already questioning suspects about the crimes.

“We’ve had 13 separate incidents involving tire slashings over the last two weeks,” said Mike Bandish of the Palm Bay Police Department. The damaged tires could cost anywhere from $150 to $350 to replace, police reported. “This is costing (victims) money just before Christmas,” Bandish said.

Police are increasing regular patrols in the Palm Bay area and reviewing home surveillance video from homeowners to create leads.

The tire slashings were in the area of Itzehoe Avenue, Pampas Street, and Banks Street. The home break-ins took place on Dusseldorf Avenue and other nearby streets.

Anyone with information about the tire slashings is asked to call police at 321-952-3456.

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