More ‘Creepy Clowns’ Spotted In Palm Bay

Four more clown sightings in Palm Bay, Florida.
Four more clown sightings in Palm Bay, Florida.

PALM BAY, Florida – The Palm Bay Police Department has received four more reported sightings of “creepy clowns” since the first one was reported about a month ago.

Police say four of those clown sightings were in southeast Palm Bay near Sebastian, with the other one in the northeast.

The Creepy Clown sightings increased in Sebastian and Indian River County right before Hurricane Matthew. Parents called police about clowns chasing after children at bus stops.

Many children saw clowns jumping out of the woods in south Vero Beach and Vero Lake Estates. Most of these children were on their bikes when they spotted the clowns in the woods.

Police are very concerned because the people dressed as a clown could scare someone enough to get shot. Some people might think they are getting robbed or about to harmed in some way.

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