Man Squirts Bodily Fluids On Walmart Shoppers

A West Virginia man walked into a Walmart store in Ohio to follow female shoppers.
A West Virginia man walked into a Walmart store in Ohio to follow female shoppers.

A West Virginia man was arrested for squirting his bodily fluids on Walmart shoppers. Police spoke with two victims who made the complaints with the store.

Timothy Blake, 28, was arrested by Ohio police after he admitted to following female shoppers inside Walmart and squirting them with semen contained in a syringe.

Blake, who posted $11,000 bond, was charged with a pair of felony obscenity counts. He has been ordered to wear a GPS monitor as part of his release conditions.

One Walmart shopper told police that a “creepy” man watched her in the store’s makeup aisle. After the man passed behind her, she “felt something wet on her foot and lower back.”

The woman then went to the public restroom and tried to wipe the wet material off “but it was sticky.”

Another woman told police that a substance had been thrown on her while she was shopping at the same Walmart store. A review of store surveillance footage revealed the same suspect as the “creepy man” incident.

Police identified the suspect and confronted Blake at a restaurant as he sat down for dinner with his wife.

Blake admitted “that it was semen in the containers he was squirting” at the buttocks of women at Walmart. He also admitted to entering the store and squirting women on about 12 occasions.

Blake told police he would “masturbate” into a syringe before entering the Walmart store, according to the court filing.

The man said he targeted his victims because he thought they displayed “exhibitionist characteristics and wanted to be noticed.”

DISCLAIMER: Arrests and mugshots were made public by complaint affidavits, arrest affidavits, and police reports. All persons arrested are innocent until proven guilty.

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