Florida Medical Marijuana Leading In Amendment 2 Polls

Medical marijuana leading favorable polls in Florida.
Medical marijuana leading favorable polls in Florida.

Florida medical marijuana supporters say Amendment 2 is leading the polls, and they feel optimistic. People United for Medical Marijuana has more than $2 million in funding this year over the opposition’s PAC, Drug-Free Florida.

Recent medical cannabis polls show support for Amendment 2 at 68.8 percent, 73 percent, and 77 percent. The support is well over the 60 percent needed for it to pass.

Four states have legalized marijuana, including medical and recreation, as 25 others already allow it for medical purposes. Several cities in Florida have decriminalized its possession in small amounts.

Amendment 2 backers already know from their defeat in 2014 that public opinion is one thing, but a turnout is a key to getting the measure passed.

The proposal would allow patients to obtain marijuana from state-approved dispensaries with illnesses of the “same kind of class as or comparable to” diseases like cancer, HIV, post-traumatic stress disorder, Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy.

Under Florida law, patients are allowed to use smokeless cannabis products, such as oils and salves for people suffering from seizures and other illnesses.

One such product is called “Charlotte’s Web,” which provide minimal relief. Patients with terminal diseases might benefit from full-strength marijuana.

Amendment 2 opponents argue that it would lead to “de facto legalization” of marijuana and result in abuses that led to Florida’s pill mill crises.

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