Florida May Recount 2016 Presidential Election Votes

Florida voters filed a lawsuit in a bid for a recount.
Florida voters filed a lawsuit in a bid for a recount. (Photo: AP)

TALLAHASSEE, Florida – Three Florida voters filed a lawsuit in Leon Circuit Court for a bid to recount the votes in their state that named Donald Trump the winner in the 2016 presidential election.

Although the Florida recount is unlikely, the voters might get their wish if they can prove that all paper ballots must be tallied again in the Sunshine State.

The lawsuit, which is against President-elect Donald Trump, Florida Gov. Rick Scott, and the state’s 29 Republican electors, cited concerns about hacking and voting machines that malfunctioned on Election Day.

The suit also alleges that several voters were turned away due to problems at polling stations. The voters want a recount of all paper ballots, and to be paid for by the defendants.

Trump repeated claims that the presidential election was rigged, at a time when a string of cyber attacks cast doubts on the integrity of the election.

Some experts say that software bugs and limited resources for training can be a disaster for electoral officials since they do not have the tools to protect against fraud on their own.

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