Cops Kill Gregory Frazier For Refusing To Drop Pocket Knife

Cops shoot Gregory Frazier for refusing to drop pocket knife
Gregory Frazier (Photo by WPBF)

POMPANO BEACH – A Pompano Beach man was tragically shot by police after refusing to drop a pocket knife.

Broward County Sheriff’s deputies were responding to a domestic disturbance call, placed by the man’s sister after she witnessed an argument between him and his niece.

When the deputies arrived, they found Gregory Frazier, 52, in his backyard holding a small Swiss Army-style pocket knife as he ate chicken wings and fries.

According to reports, Frazier told the officers to leave him alone when they told him to get on the ground. Shortly after, the officers began shooting. There has been no word on why this confrontation escalated so fast.

Frazier was pronounced dead at the scene. His family is outraged that the deputies did not use Tasers to get him under control. Pending further investigation, they have both been placed on administrative leave.

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