Crab Stop Seafood Bar & Grill

Crab Stop Seafood Bar & Grill
Humble Seafood Restaurant

On the menu

The Crab Stop’s fare is all homemade, including lobster bisque ($3.49 cup/$3.99 bowl) and clam chowder ($2.99 cup/$3.59 bowl). Their signature garlic crabs (medium, large or jumbo) range in price from $21 to $29 for a half dozen to $30- to $49 for a dozen.

They also offer these blue crabs Maryland-style, traditionally steamed live, seasoned with the restaurant’s own spice mixture – not Old Bay – and served with melted butter.

The garlic crabs are cleaned, coated with a spicy secret seasoning mix and slathered with an addictive garlic butter.

The most popular menu item is the Snow Special: three clusters of snow crabs, 12 jumbo shrimp, one pound of steamed red potatoes and two corn coblets. It’s a generous portion for two or three diners for $37.

(772) 571-6767
1550 Indian River Dr.
Sebastian, FL.