Multiple Bras Stolen from Victoria’s Secret in Vero Beach

A man was seen stealing multiple bras at Victoria's Secret in Vero Beach, Florida.
A man was seen stealing multiple bras at Victoria's Secret in Vero Beach, Florida.

VERO BEACH – Someone stole multiple bras from Victoria’s Secret inside the Indian River Mall in Vero Beach, Florida.

On Wednesday, the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office received the call about the bra raid at Victoria’s Secret. The shift manager told a deputy that an unknown black male entered the store and filled a black bag of items before exiting.

The manager said there have been several shoplifting cases in the recent past by an unknown male filling a bag before leaving. She was notified of the incident by a customer.

“I made contact with [customer] who advised that she was shopping in the store when she walked around a corner in the store and saw a black male emptying the display drawers in the display case into a black garbage bag,” the deputy said.

The customer further stated that the male turned and looked at her while he continued to fill the bag with more bras. The man then left the Indian River Mall.

The subject is described as a regular build black male between the weights of 180-200 pounds, unknown height, wearing a short sleeve red shirt, and a white colored baseball style hat.

There were 100 pairs of bras stolen in multiple sizes and colors at $45 a pair, totaling $4,950. Also, 15 t-shirts of various sizes were taken at $27 a piece. The estimated total value is $5,355.

The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office is waiting for surveillance video and plans to investigate further.

Last December, a man was arrested after urinating in public at the store. Witnesses said the man walked up to the wall next Victoria’s Secret and watched him “place his hands by his crotch and then proceed to urine. After he was done, he sat in one of the massaging chairs.

In August 2017, the store called police after several panties and thongs went missing. Among the items missing are 50 thongs, 40 panties, 3 bras, and 40 shorties. The total value of the stolen merchandise is about $3,737.95.

In July 2017, 220 pieces of ladies’ underwear were stolen at Victoria’s Secret. Each underwear is valued at $25, and the total theft is valued at $5,500.

In May 2017, more than 200 panties went missing at the same Vero Beach store. The manager told deputies that someone entered the store and stole the merchandise during a 10 minute period. The panties, described as “body of Victoria” thongs, were in a display case. The items sell for $10.50 each. The total value of the merchandise is approximate $2,100.00. There are no witnesses to the theft, and the thongs were discovered missing.

DISCLAIMER: Arrests and mugshots were made public by complaint affidavits, arrest affidavits, and police reports. All persons arrested are innocent until proven guilty.

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