Intoxicated Driver Argues with McDonald’s Employees While in Drive-Thru

Intoxicated driver was yelling obscenities at employees while in the McDonald's drive-thru in Vero Beach, Florida.
Intoxicated driver was yelling obscenities at employees while in the McDonald's drive-thru in Vero Beach, Florida.

VERO BEACH – A woman who was found naked in a man’s vehicle last October is back behind bars again on charges of DUI, Disorderly Intoxication, Driving With a Suspended Driver’s License, Trespassing, Giving a False Name While Detained, and Resisting Arrest, according to the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies say Kristina Phyliss Sovone Ronshaugen, 33, of Vero Beach, was yelling at the employees at McDonald’s while ordering her food in the drive-thru lane.

“I explained to the driver, who was visibly irritated, of why I was called and asked her if she could explain to me her side of the story,” the deputy said.

Ronshaugen told the deputy that the employees wouldn’t give her food she ordered and they were being “rude” to her, the affidavit said. The deputy did detect an odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from her breath.

One of the employee’s said Ronshaugen was ordering food that was not on their menu, but they accidentally cursed on the microphone when they made an error on the screen. Ronshaugen mistook this as an insult and began cursing back at the employee from the outside loudspeaker. The employees then informed Ronshaugen that her behavior was unacceptable and they would not be serving her, according to the arrest affidavit.

Ronshaugen then drove up to the pickup window and began recording the employees while being confrontational. The employees then notified law enforcement and stayed away from the window, the report said.

Ronshaugen told deputies she was coming from the American Bar & Grill where she had two drinks. Deputies informed Ronshaugen that they suspected she was driving under the influence.

After completing the standard field sobriety tests, deputies determined that Ronshaugen was too impaired to drive. Ronshaugen refused to submit to a breath test.

Ronshaugen is still being held at the Indian River County Jail without bond.

DISCLAIMER: Arrests and mugshots were made public by complaint affidavits, arrest affidavits, and police reports. All persons arrested are innocent until proven guilty.

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