Sebastian Shark Mart Employee Cleared Of Felony Charges

A former Shark Mart employee was cleared of felony charges in Sebastian.
A former Shark Mart employee was cleared of felony charges in Sebastian.

SEBASTIAN – In October, the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Enforcement Bureau (ABT) arrested two men at the Sebastian Shark Mart for selling illegal male enhancement pills, including Stamina RX and Jack Rabbit.

One of the men was 34-year-old Jason Harlan Kreger. He always claimed his innocence and has never been in trouble with the law.

Jason is a single father who has full custody of his daughter. At Shark Mart, it was a job to help pay the bills and he did what his employer asked him to do.

Perhaps he was a little naive while on the job. He thought everything they sold in the store was legal. Who would believe that some retail items were illegal?

Jason never knew that packaged male enhancement pills were illegal to sell at the counter. The former Shark Mart cashier felt betrayed by his employer.

“I was just a cashier doing my job unaware that Jack Rabbit was illegal, and once I knew it was illegal, I no longer sold it,” Jason told Sebastian Daily.

Unfortunately, the ABT had already investigated the complaints at Shark Mart. “Wrong place, wrong time. I was an employee there for almost three years,” Jason said.

On February 23, 2017, all charges against Jason were dropped, except for one. He agreed to a plea deal, and the one charge was reduced to a misdemeanor.

When viewing the court records, it shows that all charges were dropped. No convictions.

Jason was facing all felony counts, and the case has been a nightmare. Some people recognized him as the guy caught for selling illegal pills at Shark Mart.

“I was such a great asset to Shark Mart. People looked forward to coming in and seeing me every day. Then, of course, you get the people who assume that I’m a druggie and that I was running a pharmacy in the back room. I am very much drug-free.”

When talking to Jason, he seems very honest and straightforward. It’s been difficult for him to find jobs, but he is working again in Sebastian.

“It’s just an all-around better job, and I still get to work with the public. I’m very much a people person and well-liked in the community. It’s been very hard because I’m a single father to an 8-year-old little girl whom I’ve had full custody of since she was a baby.”

As for Jason’s former employer, he’s still facing felony charges and hasn’t been to court yet.

DISCLAIMER: Arrests and mugshots were made public by complaint affidavits, arrest affidavits, and police reports. All persons arrested are innocent until proven guilty.

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