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Junior Blue Water Open Kids Fishing Day – Exchange Club of Sebastian

Blue Water Open - Kids Day
Blue Water Open - Kids Day

On Saturday, October 24th, The Exchange Club of Sebastian held the Junior Blue Water Open Kids Fishing Day at the Sebastian city docks at Riverside Park. The Exchange Club of Sebastian uses this event to promote the sport of fishing to children and give back to the community. 

Thirty-seven youngsters participated, predominately kids from the Boys & Girls Club of Indian River County, Gifford Youth Achievement Center, and Youth Guidance in Vero Beach. They were given a rod & reel, t-shirt, three hours of supervised fishing in the Indian River Lagoon, and a Bar-B-Q lunch supplied by Woody’s Bar B-Q of Sebastian. 

Trophies were awarded in several categories. The Top Angler was Dustin, with 5 fish caught and a total of 19.3 ounces. First Place for Biggest Fish Caught in the Boys Category was Troy with 8.8 ounces; Second Place for Boys was Joshua with 8.1 ounces, and Third Place for Boys was Gevontae with 7.4 ounces. 

First Place for Biggest Fish Caught in the Girls Category was Adai with 6.6. ounces and Second Place for Biggest Fish Caught was Leslie with 5.6 ounces. There was no third place for the girls this year, as only two girls caught fish. Catfish were excluded due to their danger.

It was a beautiful day, and the youngsters were excited to be on the water and to be able to keep their fishing pole. The kids particularly enjoyed catching the pufferfish and tickling their bellies to make them blow up. One young man stated, “I can’t wait to use my fishing pole when I go fishing with my dad.”

The Junior Blue Water Open Kids Day is one of the many ways the Sebastian Exchange Club gives back to the community. The Exchange Club of Sebastian raises money through its Blue Water Open Charity Offshore Fishing Tournament. These funds provide the opportunity for the club to donate to many non-profits in the community, like Boys & Girls Clubs, Youth Guidance, Nana’s Children’s Home, Guardians For New Futures, the Ecumenical Food Pantry, and many others. 

In addition, the Exchange Club of Sebastian honors students during the school year and offers scholarships for graduating seniors. 

Blue Water Open – Kids Day

Learn more about the Sebastian Exchange Club

If you are interested in learning more about the Exchange Club of Sebastian, consider attending a luncheon meeting any Wednesday, except the first Wednesday of each month, at noon at Capt. Hiram’s in Sebastian, or visit their Facebook Page.

A Big Thank You to:

  • Jason Gillette and The Sebastian Police Department Explorers who served up snow cones and popcorn. 
  • Woody’s for providing the food (bbq chicken, mac & cheese, cornbread, baked beans, and coleslaw.
  • McDonald’s for providing the drinks and ice.
  • Captain Hiram’s for providing the cookies. 
  • Tables and chairs were provided by the City of Sebastian.
  • All of the volunteers and friends of the Exchange Club of Sebastian.

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